Sprouting Information — sunflower seeds

Soaked vs. Sprouted - Is There a Difference?

There is some confusion around the terminology for soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds. The terms “activated”, "germinated", "soaked" or “crispy nuts” are often used to describe the process of soaking and dehydrating. 


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Soaking times for Nut and Seeds for Sprouting or Activating them

How long should I soak my nuts and seeds for sprouting or activating them. When soaking your nuts or seeds we recommend that you add sea salt to the water, about one-half teaspoon per cup of nuts. 


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How to Sprout Nuts and Seeds

Curious about how to soak and activate your nuts and seeds? Read here for all of the details. For thousands of years, traditional cultures have been soaking nuts to improve digestibility. We now know soaking nuts releases phytic acid bonds and activates enzymatic activity so we can digest the nutrients more easily. To learn more about sprouting, click here

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