Sprouting Information — sprouted nuts

What are Sprouted Nuts and Seeds?

What is Sprouted? Sprouted refers to nuts or seeds which have been soaked and then dehydrated. We sprout in order to remove enzyme inhibitors and phytates (an anti-nutrient) from our nuts...

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Soaked vs. Sprouted - Is There a Difference?

There is some confusion around the terminology for soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds. The terms “activated”, "germinated", "soaked" or “crispy nuts” are often used to describe the process of soaking and dehydrating. 


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Soaking times for Nut and Seeds for Sprouting or Activating them

How long should I soak my nuts and seeds for sprouting or activating them. When soaking your nuts or seeds we recommend that you add sea salt to the water, about one-half teaspoon per cup of nuts. 


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