Welcome to the NUT • HUT, your online source for the highest quality, most delicious nuts, seeds, chocolate and dried fruit.

Everything in our store is organically grown. It's not always certified as such because we like to work with small scale farmers and the cost is sometimes prohibitive.

Our products are non-irradiated and unpasteurized unless otherwise labeled. - at this time our pistachios are lightly steam treated - 30 seconds of steam is what they receive. They are still considered raw. While we are not certified, - we are also gluten, peanut and soy free. 

All nuts and seeds are either raw or sprouted.

It is our aim to offer the highest quality food at an affordable price. By highest quality we refer to the way we support the growers, the farmers, the folks processing and packing, and the ecology and environment. 

Our nuts and seeds are from the most current year's crop and as much as possible come directly from organic farms.

We purchase our nuts and seeds right after harvest and we immediately cold store them to preserve freshness and flavour. This is a super critical part of what we feel sets NUT • HUT apart, the cold storage of our nuts and seeds. In fact most of our farmers recommend cold storage, -it's on all of the boxes that we get from them. They feel that cold-storage is best, so we follow their lead and do so as well. 

You can find all of our products here. 

The NUT • HUT began in about 2013 as a buyers club, and then in late 2015 it was taken over by Alix and Elana.  In 2020 Alix bought out Elana and along with her partner Victor decided to see if they could work together as well as live together and parent their one wild child. Along with the occasional help from friends and family they can be found packing, bagging and shipping orders out from their East Vancouver facility across North America. 

We have a production space at 1664 Renfrew in East Vancouver, where local pick-up is possible by appointment. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Everything we do is "Packed with Love". It's true! We love supporting the process from farm to you.