Vancouver Bring Your Own Container Events

"Bring Your Own Container" events.

We currently offer two days a month where folks can bring their own clean containers for us to pack their orders in when they come to our facility in Vancouver.
Please note that it is not yet fully possible to do this with all items especially our sprouted ones. We are working on that, so please be patient.  
We will try it all out and see how it goes. 

Feel free to bring your empty NUT • HUT bags back with you to be refilled again and again! 
Please be thoughtful of our time and effort and ensure that the container you bring is a large enough size to fit what you are buying. So if you purchase a pound of walnuts ensure the container can fit a pound, and of course it must be clean.
The average one pound bag of nuts will fill a one litre container/jar, so please keep that in mind. Any large jar, plastic, stainless steel etc container with a lid, or a resealable bag should work. Feel free to use cloth produce bags, they seem to work quite well.

How it works: If you live in the Greater Vancouver area, place your order the day before by noon of the event day that you want to pick up. 
Once your order is placed, text or email us to let us know that you want to bring your own container, text 236.986.3465, or email to let us know.

We will weigh and tare your container and then we will fill it up with your chosen items and you're good to go!

Saturday July 9th 10 AM - 12 PM 

Wednesday July 20th 10 AM – 12 PM 

Remember, text 236.986.3465 or email with your pick up day to confirm you will be bringing your own containers.