Pistachios and your health

Nuts in general have been found to be good for our health. However pistachios in particular because of the presence of gamma-tocopherol which is a form of vitamin E have been found to be of particular benefit in the reduction of some cancers. Fortunately we sell delicious raw pistachios from Nevada.

"Vitamin E is made up of a variety of fat-soluble vitamins, including gamma-tocopherol, that perform many functions in the body. Vitamin E-rich foods act as antioxidants, helping to prevent damage from free radicals, protect skin from ultraviolet light, and allow for proper cell communication.
"Pistachios are not only a good source of vitamin E, but are rich in B vitamins -- specifically B6, which is great for the nervous system and helps to promote proper breakdown of sugars and starches," You can read the full article here.

Macadamia Nuts

Did you know that there's almost no Omega-6's in macadamias – it’s less than you’d find in 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
Macadamias have roughly the same total amount of fat as other nuts, but to make up the missing Omega-6, they have more monounsaturated fat – that’s the same kind in avocados and olive oil. That makes macadamias a much higher-quality source of fat than most other nuts, with a much lower potential to be inflammatory.