Anna Jones's chickpea flour crepes pictured here with grated carrots are DELICIOUS. I made these for breakfast using hemp mylk, instead of her suggested oat milk.

Try this delicious gluten free crust from Bojon Gourmet.

This pecan coconut granola looks fabulous, anything that Shira of Flourist posts is going to be delicious. She has a wonderful blog  called "In Pursuit of More" that she posts a TON of nut and seed based recipes on.

This sunflower seed pate is a great budget friendly protein rich dish that can be used in a sandwich, or alongside a salad. Sunflower seeds are super affordable and can be added to just about ANYTHING. I have a jar of sprouted sunflower seeds in my refrigerator that I pull out so I can pop them in everything, from my breakfast chia pudding to my evening salad.

This seedy roasted veggie spread also looks great, it's roasted vegetables and then the sunflower seeds adds that boost of protein.

If you are looking for a gluten free, vegan cracker recipe, this one from Oh She Glows is great.

Want to make hemp mylk? Take a look at the differences in nutrients in the different nut and seed mylks here.

This chocolate pie from Against All Grain looks delicious and seems very easy to make. It is gluten and dairy free. 

This gluten free almond, chocolate torte is always a favourite in our house.