It's summertime for sure when the popsicle molds come out! Check out some of these great recipes!

The picture here is of my attempt at some ice-cream, made using our cashews, coconut milk, passionfruit puree and honey. It's a work in progress that I am enjoying.

These popsicles made with coconut milk and cashews look fantastic and are the perfect summer treat!

For more delicious popsicles head over to this page to do all the one stop shopping needed for a big collection of popsicles. There's a few in here that are on my menu for sure!

If, like me, all you want to eat this summer is salad, big bowls of it, maybe explore some great dressings to have on hand in your fridge. This balsamic vinaigrette from Vancouver local dietician Desiree Nielsen is great. 

I love a Green Goddess Dressing, and this one from Cookie and Kate can be easily modified to fit all dietary needs. Plus she's got lots of recommendations for "building a salad". 

Keeping it simple in the summer for me means I always have sundried olives on hand, along with lots of fresh garden herbs like mint, basil, oregano etc which I love tossing into my salads fresh. I also keep a good supply of sprouted nuts and seeds around as well to toss on top of my salads. 
I like to have lots of greens in my garden, such as kale, which I do eat raw, but I harvest it, remove the ribs, and then chop it up a bit, toss a bit of salt and olive oil on it and then I give it a good massage and this helps to break down some of the fibres and "cooks" it a bit making it easier to digest. 
I always have a head of cabbage in my fridge which I treat in the same was as the kale, shred and massage.
I also do the same thing with brussels sprouts. This recipe by Two Peas and Their Pod is delicious and adaptable.
By ensuring I have a few of the above ingredients on hand, it makes it so I can whip up a tasty and nourishing salad in minutes.

Try some of these delicious nut and seed-based recipes. Use fresh, raw or sprouted nuts to make delicious, wholesome meals from appetizers to desserts that your whole family will enjoy.

I love making a mylkshake in the afternoon, I use a handful of our sprouted pecans blended with a couple of ice cubes, about a third cup of coconut milk, some almond milk, a big teaspoon of tahini, a big teaspoon of raw cacao along with a teaspoon, or less of maple syrup and some cinnamon sprinkled on top. It's a delicious afternoon pick-me-up when I've been on the computer for too long.

This delicious wheat-berry salad is so adaptable, we make variations of it all the time, and often sub in sunflower seeds instead of beans or lentils because that's how we roll around here.  

This recipe from Ottolenghi combines three of my favourite ingredients, pistachios, pomegranates, and cauliflower in a delicious salad. I don't keep tarragon around, and it was definitely delicious without it! I use our sprouted pistachios so there is no need for toasting of them before, they are deliciously crunchy as is.

This gluten-free almond crust pizza dough is such a winner. It whips up in less than ten minutes and then is in and out of the oven in less than ten minutes. Our whole family enjoys it.

This sun-dried tomato pesto from David Lebovitz that incorporates toasted walnuts looks delicious.

If you haven't had a chance to try our delicious pecans you really should. They are a favourite for many of us. This recipe for a gluten free blueberry coffee cake from Bojon Gourmet with a pecan streusel topping is a great excuse  to buy them and try them out. 

Molten chocolate cakes are so delicious and when gluten free and made with our nuts, even better! Plus they are simple to make, coming together in minutes. I made them using our almond flour, but I think with a good blender you can use any number of nuts to blend finely and make your own flour. Let us know if you experiment with any! Find the recipe on our site here.