Pecans • Sprouted • USA

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These native pecans are a smaller, sweet pecan that have a lovely praline flavour especially when sprouted. Non-certified organic. From a lovely farmers collective in and around Arkansas.

Native Pecans have a very diverse gene pool. They have evolved to grow in their habitat over hundreds of years. They tend to need less care, less soil amendment and less water than the hybrid versions that give us the mammoth pecans.

The trees are spread out enough so that they can go in after the fall harvests with clover which is a natural source of nitrogen to begin the preparation for next year's crop. The clover is plowed into the soil. The pecan trees have exceptionally deep taproots that draw the necessary water for them year round from the Neosha River. The soil preparation has been going on in this particular area for over 50 years. The grove does not receive any chemical treatment, the trees are over 100 feet tall and are between 100-200 years old and they were designated to be maintained naturally.

Pecans are the highest source of healthy monounsaturated fat of any nut. They are also also high in Vitamin E among many other nutrients.

Gluten, peanut and soy free.

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Always refrigerate your pecans.

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