Pistachio • Raw • USA

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These pistachio nuts come from a family farm in California. These decadent little nuts are raw and have an amazing aroma and a lovely green hue. Certified organic, grown without pesticides or herbicides. 

The most current batch of pistachios are lightly steam pasteurized. Which is a first for us. The process if just 30 seconds of steam. Finding fully raw pistachios has become very challenging, but we are working with this new farmer to do that for us with the next batch that we get from him. These pistachios are actually some of the best we have ever tasted.

Gluten, peanut and soy free.

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More about organic here.

Always refrigerate your pistachios.


Pistachio Recipes

Mango Pistachio Salsa here

Pistachio Saffron Rice with Goji Berries here

Pistachio Nectarine Squares here 


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