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Goji berries, also called wolf berries,(Lycium barbarum) are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids. The Chinese have revered goji berries as a medicinal food for over 4,000 years. Because they hold such a high medicinal value, they are grown and harvested with great care. These are certified organic. They have been tested and are free of any heavy metals and other impurities.

They are best kept in a glass jar in dry storage rather than a fridge or freezer. These  berries are known to get better with age - often eaten years later with an even sweeter taste.

Gluten, peanut and soy free.

More about organic here.


How do you use goji berries?

Traditionally they are cooked before using and are often used daily in soup for ensuring a healthy immune system and to provide additional protein in vegetarian diets. They can also be used in smoothies, on their own, on salads, in trail mix, on cereal or soak them in water to make goji juice.

Goji Berry Recipes

Walnut Quinoa Salad with goji option here

Ginger Goji Juice here

Goji & Walnut Stuffing here

Pistachio & Saffron Rice with Goji Berries here


Nutritional Information for Goji Berries

Goji berries are high antioxidant potential fruits which alleviate oxidative stress to confer many health protective benefits such as preventing free radicals from damaging DNA, lipids, and proteins. Therefore, the aim of the review was to focus on the bioactive compounds and pharmacological properties of goji berries including their molecular mechanisms of action. The health benefits of goji berries include enhancing hemopoiesis, antiradiation, antiaging, anticancer, improvement of immunity, and antioxidation. There is a better protection through synergistic and additive effects in fruits and herbal products from a complex mixture of phytochemicals when compared to one single phytochemical.




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