We love to spend time checking out what other companies are doing to inspire our mealtimes.

Here's a list that we have been compiling for you, in no particular order.

We love pretty much anything that the Flourist folks do, Shira's recipes are always fantastic. In Pursuit of More is where she channels a ton of creativity. Over here at NUT • HUT we have NO IDEA how she does it.

If you are looking for something to do with ALL of your zucchini that may be popping up in your garden. try this recipe. It's gluten free with no dairy but has eggs.

Cookies and Kate has some great vegetarian AND vegan recipes, her almond flour cake with raspberries and oranges is one of my go-to recipes. This recipe was adapted from this one from A Year In Food, which I have never made but might be tempted to.

Just started exploring recipes on Simply Quinoa's site for her plant based goodness. I'm honestly not the biggest fan of quinoa because our obsession with it has made for some problems with farmers in Peru etc. But she does have some great recipes. And, now that you can buy Canadian quinoa from Flourist that makes me feel so much better about the quinoa industry.

Here is a GREAT recipe for kimchi. Have you ever made it? No, it has no nuts in it, but I often EAT it WITH nuts. It goes on the table with all my other bits of food and there's such deliciousness then. Along with this Kimchi recipe, Food52 has so many other great ones. Again, you can narrow your search easily in the search field to look for your own specific food choices.

My New Roots is a great site full of plant based recipes.

Two Spoons has all plant based recipes that are simple to prepare. They also incorporate lots of nuts, which we of course LOVE.

The First Mess has great recipes and also a great run-down of info that they find interesting. Plus, they have stunning food photography.

Check Naturally Ella here, her vegetarian site is broken down to allow you to easily navigate to gluten free, or only vegan recipes etc.

Check out Anne Lina Waller's plant based recipes here.

Check out Desiree Nielsen's website for simple and nourishing plant based food!

We love Oh She Glows, and of course the Minimalist Baker is great.

Against All Grain has some great recipes, including this one using cashew butter, which you can also make by blending our delicious cashews. 

Flourist focuses on freshly milled flour and grains. Like us they are all about FRESH. They also have a ton of great recipes on their website, check them out here.

Check out Half Baked Harvest, this section of their site breaks down choices for you, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc. You can choose what you want.

The Bojon Gourmet has some exceptional photography that makes you want to run to the kitchen and get cooking right away.

There are so many places to get inspiration nowadays. All of the above folks have great Instagram feeds with pictures to help inspire your next meal Cooking can be fun and doesn't have to be complicated. Send us your favourite recipes or inspiration. We'd love to hear what you like.