Pecans • Raw • USA

We are transitioning back to the native pecans as we are running out of the mammoth ones.

The five pound bags of pecans are from Nevada, Missouri, and are the native varietal that we have predominantly sold. They are a small, sweet pecan that have a lovely praline flavour especially when sprouted. Fresh shelled for us in July. Certified Organic. 

Native Pecans have a very diverse gene pool. They have evolved to grow in their habitat over hundreds of years. They tend to need less care, less soil amendment and less water than the hybrid versions that give us the mammoth pecans.

The mammoth pecans that we have left in one pound bags come to us from a small family farm in Texas. Mark and his family have been growing pecans on this land since the mid nineties. We were lucky to be able to support them a few years ago, and are happy they had enough to share with us this time around!
They are a combination of Pawnee and Kiowa varietals
. Our pecans are shelled without heat and are organic.

Pecans are the highest source of healthy monounsaturated fat of any nut. They are also also high in Vitamin E among many other nutrients.

Disclaimer: Please note that the mammoth nuts are shelled in a facility that occasionally shells peanuts OUTSIDE of pecan harvest time. During pecan season they only shell pecans on the equipment. The equipment is completely cleaned and sterilized in between seasons and nuts. So the likelihood of cross contamination is negligible but we must let our customers know.  

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Always refrigerate your pecans.

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