Flax Seeds • Brown • Raw • Canada

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Our flax is raw, and certified organic. It is not certified gluten free at this time! More info can be found below about the possible gluten content. This is flax from the 2021 harvest, we are one of (possibly the only) provider of Canadian flax from the 2021 harvest at this time as most farmers lost their harvest last year due to excessive drought. This is also why the price is higher than other flax available on the market right now. Flax often has a slightly fishy, or "off" smell, this is due to poor storage conditions - not refrigerated, and also age.

Flax is very high in fibre containing over 23 g of fibre for every 100 g of flax, putting it in the top 5% of fibre rich foods.

About Grant’s farm- it is gluten free, but this season he had the flax cleaned at a mill that also processes wheat/barley/rye. However, they cleaned this batch of flax after a thorough clean-out and after another large batch of flax, so the chance of gluten contamination in the cleaning equipment is minimal. An Eliza R5 gluten test (10ppm) of a sample showed negative. Of course, a negative test isn't a guarantee that the whole batch would test negative, but it's a good start. 

Flax is best fresh ground at lower temperatures when using it to make flax meal. The nutrients in flax are best absorbed by finely grinding it.

Gluten, peanut and soy free.

More about organic here.

Always refrigerate your flax seeds, though whole flax seeds are considered to be shelf stable, we still encourage refrigeration. 


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