Like many folks, I tend to shift away from lettuce-based salads in the winter, and start eating cabbage, beets, kale, cauliflower and brussels sprouts.

I recently made a delicious sauteed brussels sprout "salad" (there's got to be some line drawn when your salad is cooked maybe, although there are pasta salads, potato salads, all kinds of cooked salads, so I am shifting what I call a salad, especially in winter, when we often tend towards warming foods but still want vegetables in abundance, you can find that recipe here

I also made the purple cabbage salad pictured, which tasted so much nice the second day as the flavours had all come together nicely. I riffed off of this recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod, using our sprouted pistachios for a bit of variety and texture.

Smitten Kitchen has so many great salads that I have made over the years, this one with squash, kale and a smattering of pumpkin seeds is delicious. 

This roast cauliflower salad with pistachios (I used our sprouted ones) also from Smitten Kitchen is absolutely delicious. 

 You can peruse her whole salad section here! And use our nuts and seeds in them to make them even better.

This chicory salad from JustineSnacks is on my list of salads to make, it's got pecans so that's a winner for me. My partner and kid DO NOT LIKE bitter greens, but, I do! So I will find a way.

This is another recipe that uses brussels sprouts and chili almonds? Yes! Also from JustineSnacks, so it's most definitely on my list. She has some great looking recipes on her site. Find all the salad and soup recipes here.