I love condiments, the way they can elevate any meal. Just sprinkle, pour, or dip into them and it can give your dish just that little extra something that takes it from meh to wonderful. Dukkah and chimichurri are almost always in our fridge along with homemade hot sauce, because that's how we roll.

I have recently been making variations of the classic Middle Eastern condiment called Dukkah. This is usually made from toasted almonds, hazelnuts, sesame seeds and spices and then pounded to make a coarse mixture that you can dip bread into with olive oil, or you can sprinkle it on to your avocado toast, or over pasta, it can be added to savoury waffles, or sprinkled on top of your creamy cauliflower soup, which is what I did last night. I have made variations of nut condiments using homemade garam masala, or with the addition of sumac. I have made it with pistachios, which because they are more costly can be a bit more extravagant, I have also substituted sunflower seeds to keep costs down. No matter what the variation it's all been delicious.  

This is a great little glimpse into the history of Dukkah along with their variation of it. Here's another variation of it.

If you are feeling in the mood for some treats, how about bars? All sorts of bars, no, not the kind we sidle up to in our 20's with our friends and scream at each other over loud music, the kind we EAT. We have Nanaimo bars, Chocolate, oat pecan bars, Walnut Chocolate Chai Bars and No-Bake nut-butter chocolate bars. I have been enjoying playing around with an assortment of gluten free, some dairy free desserts over here. 

Nanaimo Bars are such a Canadian baking staple aren't they. This updated classic is brought to us from our friends over at Flourist. 

These no-bake bars are so delicious. I made them with peanut butter, because that's my weakness, peanut butter. I love it. Funny that NUTHUT doesn't even sell peanuts, but we are a fully peanut free facility. They have a base made with almond flour and cacao, and the nut butter middle layer and then a topping of chocolate. The whole family enjoyed them.

These vegan walnut bars from Teri-Ann Carty look really yummy and super adaptable. Add any nut of choice and I am sure it will be great. So many of her recipes are delicious and definitely worth checking out.

On our site are some incredibly delicious Pecan Chocolate Chunk Gluten Free baked bars with brown butter that get the chewiest centres and crisp edges. They are SO GOOD. Of course if you are using ANY DAIRY at all, please ensure it comes from a good source! The same goes for your eggs; we get ours from a wonderful farmer in the Fraser Valley who comes to town with eggs for folks every other week. We just love the stories she tells of her chickens and rescued mini horses.