Making your own almond butter is a pretty quick and easy thing to do! You essentially throw the almonds in a food processor, blend, add oil, blend - voila...

Almond butter and other nut butters are great for smoothies, toast, cookies, rubs, salad dressing and snacking with veggies. They are a great source of protein and full of nutritious oils. Keep in the fridge and make smaller batches to ensure freshness.

This recipe uses almonds only but try keeping the quantity of nuts the same and just shifting what types you use. Try hazelnut butter or cashew butter or sesame seed paste. Just don't add in any oil until it seems like it needs it as many have enough of their own natural oils that will be enough.


3 cups of almonds
1-2 tbsp of olive or other neutral oil



I am generally a fan of using raw food but people do find it easier to make almond butter if your almonds have been lightly roasted. However, it is absolutely possible to do this with raw almonds (as I do), you may just need to add a bit of oil (per above) to get it to a creamier texture. Try different things to see what your taste buds prefer!

Put the almonds in a food processor and blend. The almonds start to look like a course flour and will stay this way for a few minutes. Stop blending every few minutes to push the almond butter off the sides of the container and into the centre, ensuring all gets well blended.

Over time, the oils begin to release. After 5 minutes if you are finding it isn't that creamy, you can begin adding a bit of oil until your desired consistency is reached.