Have you ever wanted to grow your own greens? Have you ever tried a chia pet? Yes, our chia are the same, you can grow your own and eat them!


1 tsp of chia seeds


Lightly wet the bottom of a glass pie dish. Sprinkle the chia seeds on the water - filtered water is best. The chia will absorb the water quickly, add a bit more so the seeds are moist but not drowning.

Keep the dish near a window but not in direct sunlight. Cover for 2-3 hours each day with another pie plate as it creates a warm moist environment that the chia enjoy. Over the coming days, ensure there is moisture on the bottom of the dish but less than an 1/16 of an inch of water.

Watch your chia grow! Keep adding bits of water to ensure the "roots" remain wet. After about a week, the chia are ready to eat. They can be cut at the root and rinsed gentle. As with all microgreens, it's recommended to wash your equipment and hands thoroughly before having them touch the chia as they are susceptible to bacteria growth.