Many folks don't realize that most nuts and seeds are harvested just ONCE a year. Macadamia nuts are an exception in that they have a longer harvest period that spans a few months. But for the most part, we are looking at annual harvests if grown in the Northern hemisphere are happening in our fall,-Late September to December, and for nuts and seeds in the Southern hemisphere in the spring. 
Now, here's the thing, harvesting is just one small part, there's also the drying, the cracking, the sorting, the packing and then the shipping. It's lots! So that means that even with harvest happening in the fall, most of our nuts and seeds are not available to us until December or in many cases January...walnuts are usually our earliest nut to be ready in mid-December, pistachios, and pecans are usually available in January. Nuts like our almonds coming up from Australia are usually ready in late April, and then shipping up to us in early June. Macadamia nuts coming up from Australia are similar, but they get here even later- closer to September.
So there in a nut-shell is the breakdown of our major nuts that we sell.
We already have folks inquiring about the when the new harvest will be ready, so if you read this, then you know.