As the temperatures rise, customers often contact us with questions about the effects of heat on their nuts during shipping.

First of all, keeping your nuts and seeds as fresh as possible is of paramount importance to us. This is why we refrigerate all of our products as soon as we receive them from our farmers. Your nuts and seeds have spent the majority of their lifetime in our fridges, but unfortunately due to the prohibitive cost of refrigerated shipping your nuts and seeds will not be refrigerated while they are in transit.

Some people have expressed concerns about their nuts being out of the fridge during shipping, but the reality is many of our nuts and seeds come from hot climates and they have all spent some time unrefrigerated during processing and shipping. This is inevitable and it is also not a big deal, because these unrefrigerated days during shipping will do very little to  the quality of your nuts. As far as we know we are the only company that offers refrigerated nuts and seeds, so even with the unrefrigerated shipping, your nuts will still be the freshest available on the market.

During summer months we do minimize the time your nuts and seeds spend in transit, for example we will not ship out on a Thursday before a long weekend. Even if your nuts arrive and have been in a hot truck, once you refrigerate them a few hours, they will taste delicious.