We are back to our native pecan after running out of our mammoth pecans -which were delicious as those of you that tasted them know. So we reached out to a cooperative that supplies these certified organic native pecans and they were fabulous! We love the depth and flavour of these incredible little nuggets of praline!

Pecans are native to the US, and stories are told of how the FIrst Nations people upon recognizing the benefits of them started cultivating them. They provide a ready, storable source of protein to tide people over through the winter. Because these are the native pecans, they are less water intensive, and more hardy, more able to withstand what nature may want to throw at them.

I am currently reading two books - one of them the beautifully written "Braiding Sweetgrass" by Robin Wall Kimmerer who tells stories of her grandfather and his friends gathering pecan nuts, and then talks of their cycles, and interweaves information about plants and animals with history and science in a compelling read.

The other book that I am reading is "The Overstory" by Richard Powers, there are trees of so many types that run through this book, and I realise how much I love them as I read his book. It has me appreciating our farmers even more, they are my heroes in so many ways, There is much to be said about making a decision to plant an orchard or tree farm knowing that it will be years before you are able to start harvesting. In the time in-between, you must nurture them, become attuned to the weather, to the needs of the trees.

One of the reasons that we choose to work with our farmers is because they care about the relationship they have with their trees, and with the land. There is no separation. 

Hazelnuts are slated to be back in stock by late October for those that are asking. We will hopefully get lots of them this year so we don't run out as quickly. As our one local nut source we really treasure them.

Macadamia nuts are on their way to us, They should be here (fingers crossed) by the end of the week. We have a wonderful new connection to farmers that we are super excited about in Australia, Christine and her husband have been farming macadamia nuts , which are native to Australia, since 1989. 

I just checked in with our wonderful walnut farmers in California, who are thankfully safe from the forest fires as they are in a very fertile agricultural valley that has been spared. 

We have a great new supply of Brazil nuts, golden berries and cacao on the way to us from a farmers co-operative in Peru.