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Our nuts and seeds are from small farms dedicated to organic and sustainable practices. Our products are always raw.  Our nuts and seeds are fresh from this year's crop, and in many cases just harvested. All of our nuts and seeds are refrigerated to maintain freshness.

We offer many of our items sprouted, as it transforms them into an even healthier and tastier product. Once you taste sprouted nuts, you might never go back! Click here to learn about sprouted foods.

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Organic Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruit

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Cashew Pieces on Special $60 for 5 pounds

August 14, 2016

These cashews pieces come from Vietnam. They are a super special of $60 for 5 pounds! We wouldn't normally sell these cashews even though they are listed as "raw" because they may be lightly heated in the shelling process (to no more than a temperature of 115 degrees). We have brought these pieces in as a rare special for people who want them for their nut mylks and desserts that don't need them to be whole. They are being offered in 5 pound quantities and we have a very limited amount. We have also ensured that the farming and processing practices are fair and ethical. There are so many delicious treats to make with these! Try our cashew waffles, or this... Continue Reading →