About NutHut

We are Alix and Elana, the owners of the NutHut and we are so happy to be here! We met in 2009 and made an instant connection over our passion for nourishing whole foods. We found the NutHut during our search for high quality raw nuts for our own families. We could see the obvious passion and dedication to providing high quality, well sourced products, plus we wanted to support a local business, so we ordered our first batch of nuts. The timing was serendipitous because days after receiving our fantastic nuts, the NutHut went up for sale, this was in late 2015. As the owners of NutHut, we are committed to maintaining excellent customer service and top quality products.

As one half of the NutHut team, I (Alix) have spent much of my adult life focusing on sourcing good clean food. As a yoga teacher and studio owner in East Vancouver of Green Room Yoga, healthy clean eating has always been a part of my life. It's the kind of fuel my body had always craved. 

Everything on our site is grown organically, is not heat treated at any time, has not gone through any irradiation, nor any pasteurization. Lastly, nothing has been added or removed (except the shell) - so it is all gluten-free. 

We source the highest quality nuts and seeds from this years crops. We order right after harvest and store all of our nuts and seeds in the fridge. You will notice a level of freshness not often found in stores and varieties rarely found in the marketplace.

The NutHut is based in Vancouver, BC, and we ship anywhere in Canada. We have a production space at 1664 Renfrew in East Vancouver, where local pick-up is possible by appointment.