Macadamia Nuts • Raw • Australia

Macadamia nuts have been hard to secure - drought and shipping have affected supply. We hope to receive some by mid-February.

These certified organic  macadamia nuts, which are native to Australia are raw and grown on a family farm in New South Wales, Australia. The farm is set in the middle of a designated, heritage rainforest. We are so happy to have found the lovely folks that grow these macadamia nuts and have been doing so on this farm since 1989.

The macadamia nuts are slow dried in shell at temperatures below 40 C over the course of several weeks to reduce moisture content.

Please note that the macadamia nuts are WHOLE nuts and not halves and pieces like the picture shown.

Gluten, peanut and soy free.

More about organic here.

Always refrigerate your macadamia nuts.

Macadamia Nut Recipes

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