We have been super fortunate to be able to work with Grant and his farm to secure some great Canadian flax seeds.

Amy at Adagio Acres acted as the reluctant broker on this as Farmer Grant doesn’t like to do these things at all. This is direct from Farmer Amy to us - Grant’s farm is gluten free (he has grown gluten free oats and lentils for us in the past), but this season he had the flax cleaned at a mill that also processes wheat/barley/rye.  However, they cleaned this batch of flax after a thorough clean-out and after another large batch of flax, so the chance of gluten contamination in the cleaning equipment is minimal. An Eliza R5 gluten test (10ppm) of a sample showed negative. Of course, a negative test isn't a guarantee that the whole batch would test negative, but it's a good start.