Get ready for the new harvest of nuts, AND Pumpkin seeds on Sale!

By the end of November we will have our new crop of nuts back on our shelves again.

Also we have our delicious Styrian pumpkin seeds on special right now! These little gems are $11.50 a pound for this week only!

We will be going back to our delicious native pecans again, from a new farmer down in Texas. We got the chance to try their pecans last year and they were delicious but it was too late for us to buy them from them, so we are feeling very grateful to be able to support them. 

These native pecans grow wild and as a result are much more sustainable. They don't require irrigation in the same way that an orchard would. These nuts are certified pesticide free and wild harvested. We can't wait to get these tasty pecans again!

On the walnut front our wonderful farmers in California are hard at work. I always love chatting with them as their love of what they do is contagious. We are lucky to have them sell to us, as they won't sell their walnuts to just anyone. They insist that their raw walnuts must be refrigerated, and as you know, that's what we do! So once again we'll be lucky to have their nuts back in stock in a few weeks. We are at the top of their list and they will be shipping them out as soon as they are shelled. 

Thanks for your patience as we go through this little lull as we wait for the new harvest. We could have bought some interim nuts, but decided it was worth it to wait a couple of weeks until we could get the freshest of the fresh on our shelves. We think you'll be happy you waited too!

Alix Rodrigues
Alix Rodrigues