Have you had a chance to taste our newest pecans? They are the mammoth pecan, a combination of Pawnee and Kiowa. The smaller native pecans that we get from Missouri are usually our preferred pecan, they have been growing wild in certain parts of the southern US forever, but this last season we felt they weren't quite as flavourful as the ones we have had in previous years that we have come to love.

Every season nuts will taste a bit different. The variation in flavour from season to season can depend on factors such as temperature and rainfall. The flavour of a nut is also affected by the different minerals in the soil, what some might call the “terroir”. The same varietal of non-pareil almond grown in California might taste  different than those grown along the Murray River in South Australia, which is where our delicious almonds are from.

One of the reasons that we love our walnuts is because we find the flavour to be sweeter than most others we have tried. Bitterness in walnuts is sometimes caused by rancidity from poor storage (walnuts should always be cold stored), but it can also be a result of certain minerals present or not, in the soil. Our walnut farmer Ryan and his family have been farming their land since 1918 and they have an in-depth knowledge of what they need to add to the soil to enhance the flavour of their walnuts. They will aso only sell their raw walnuts to folks who guarantee that they can properly cold store them as they know how easily the delicate oils will degrade if left at room temperature.

This brings us back to our pecans, because we felt that this year our usual native pecans were not as flavourful we reached out to  another farmer in Texas named Mark who we had been lucky to work with once before. Lucky for us, Mark had a bumper crop of delicious pecans that he was able to ship to us. We love working with Mark as he sends us updates on what is happening on his farm throughout the season, currently he is spraying organic compost tea to enrich the soil which will influence the flavour of the pecans in the coming year. It's a combination of science, years of experience, and also a recognition that even with all of that, the perfect combination of rain and sun will help get the best nuts to you every season.

Our new pecans are delicious and they taste EVEN BETTER once they have been activated and dried.