We love to spend time checking out what other companies are doing to inspire our mealtimes, which is why we just love another Vancouver company that is doing tons to bring Canadian grain and legume farmers into the limelight. Flourist focuses on freshly milled flour and grains. Like us they are all about FRESH. They also have a ton of great recipes on their website, check them out here.

What sites do you enjoy visiting for inspiration?

Here's a list that we have been compiling for you, in no particular order.

We love Oh She Glows, and of course the Minimalist Baker is great.
The First Mess is full of great recipes and stunning food photography, can we talk about how challenging it is to take a nice picture of a bowl of soup?

Against All Grain has some great recipes, including this one using cashew butter, which you can also make by blending our delicious cashews.

The Bojon Gourmet has some exceptional photography that makes you want to run to the kitchen and get cooking right away.

There are so many places to get inspiration nowadays, that cooking can be fun and doesn't have to be complicated. Send us your favorite recipes or inspiration. We'd love to hear what you like.