What does Sprouted Mean?

You'll notice we also have many sprouted items available. We sprout to remove enzyme inhibitors and phytates, which results in better taste and texture, easier digestion and increased nutrition.

Nuts and seeds naturally contain enzyme inhibitors in order to prevent them from growing into a tree until conditions are just right.

When we recreate the right conditions for growth (by soaking in water) we deactivate the inhibitors, which allows the enzymes to activate, and the nut or seed to grow. While we don't actually allow the nuts and seeds to sprout a new green shoot or root, we do wake it up in order to make its nutrients more available to us.

Sprouting makes it easier for your body to assimilate the nutrients in the nut or seed, which makes for easier digestion and better health. A happy side effect of sprouting is that nuts and seeds taste better, any trace of bitterness is removed, the texture is improved and the natural sweetness of the nut is more pronounced.

Sprouted nuts and seeds have been soaked for 1-24 hours and then dried at 105F for 24-48 hours. They are still raw.

Want to sprout your own nuts & seeds? Learn how here...

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