Why Raw and Unpasteurized?

Raw foods means foods that have never been heated. Nuts and seeds are almost always heated, through roasting, heat during shelling or pasteurization.

NutHut's products are almost always raw, unless they have been sprouted or lightly pasteurized as with almond flour, (please visit the sprouted page to learn more about sprouted nuts and seeds). They have never been heated to temperatures above 104F – most haven't been heated at all. This helps preserve all the beneficial enzymes and nutrients in these foods.

The enzymes in our foods help break down the foods into the nutrients our bodies need to build and rejuvenate cells.

PubMed published a meta-analysis regarding the inverse correlation between cancer and raw foods. The consumption of raw vegetables was associated with a decreased risk of cancer vs. cooked vegetables. Full study details are available here. Other studies in recent years have shown similar findings.
Gabrielle Eagles
Gabrielle Eagles