Is there a difference between "soaked" and "sprouted"?

There is some confusion around the terminology for soaked and dehydrated nuts and seeds. The terms “activated”, "germinated", "soaked" or “crispy nuts” are often used to describe the process of soaking and dehydrating. While none of these terms are incorrect, we have chosen along with many others, to refer to nuts and seeds which have been soaked and dehydrated as “sprouted”. 

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How long should I soak my nuts and seeds for sprouting?

We have quite a bit of information on our site about why we sprout our nuts and seeds. A frequent question we receive is "how long should I soak them?". We have created a chart to simplify things for you. View full article →
August 29, 2014

Irradiation ›

Why Non-Irradiated?

Many foods are irradiated to kill bacteria that might be growing on them. While this sounds like a good thing, it also kills beneficial enzymes, destroys vitamins and creates free radicals. The food's chemical make-up is changed by irridation, and as such, most foods are unable to sprout. 


August 29, 2014

sprouted ›

What does Sprouted Mean?

You'll notice we also have many sprouted items available. We sprout to remove enzyme inhibitors, which results in better taste and texture, easier digestion and increased nutrition.

Nuts and seeds naturally contain enzyme inhibitors in order to prevent them from growing into a tree until conditions are just right.

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August 29, 2014

raw › unpasteurized ›

Why Raw and Unpasteurized?

Raw foods means foods that haven't been cooked. In our case - they are foods that haven't been heat treated during processing. Nuts & seeds are almost all roasted, heated during shelling or sometimes pasteurized.

NutHut's products are raw. They have never been heated to temperatures above 104F – most haven't been heated at all. This helps preserve all the beneficial enzymes that come with these foods.

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June 17, 2014

organic ›

Why Organic?

Organic farmers ensure synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified organisms (GMO) stay off their farm and don't contaminate food, water, soil and wildlife.

Eating organic food means your body won't be accumulating as many chemicals and neither will our planet. 

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